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March 7, 2009 in About Ideagora

Ideagora offers media, publishing, and consulting services for non profit organizations, creative professionals and artists, researchers, and students  interested in making their ideas known.

Ideagora can help you buy a domain name, host a website, set up a blogs, a wiki or a social media site, or prints books through In can also support your social or viral marketing campaigns or to set up a virtual community.

Ideagora develops innovative social media services for researchers, especially in the field of digital humanities. We can help with storing information through wikis and maps and with delivering it via mobile devices.

The products and services are often free or low cost. Some of Ideagora’s projects are:

Internet Media

  1. Hosting Solutions for non-profit organizations and creative individuals
  2. A GWiki dedicated to learning and discovery
  3. A teaching wiki space
  4. A mental mapping site
  5. A social media blog
  6. A cultural magazine
  7. A social memory site
  8. A media site


Ideagora Press has published on the following titles:

In 2009 Ideagora will launch a new series of books: Borderless.